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“Taking weight off the table”

All weight is a secondary consequence of daily behavior.  If our attention is primarily on losing a certain amount of weight by a certain date, then our expectation of reward lies in the future.  This is putting the cart before the horse.  We didn’t gain weight by planning to gain a certain amount of weight by a certain time.  We gained weight by mindlessly, thoughtlessly eating our way through each day.  Then we are surprised to find our clothes do not fit anymore.

With weight control, TODAY is the arena of action; TODAY is the focus of attention.  The new meme is “mindfulness”. Habitual patterns must be addressed—eating on the run, eating while browsing the computer, or watching TV, eating while stressing, unconscious patterns like cleaning your plate, “getting your money’s worth” at the restaurant , not wasting food, etc. (two ways of spelling waste, or waist).  There are also addictions to sugar, soft drinks, fruit drinks, etc.

The goal of Ben Edmonson Hypnosis is to bring attention back to processes, to create awareness.  Hypnosis is a proven method of changing unconscious patterns for more effective and rewarding daily processes.  If you want to enjoy losing weight naturally and without extreme dieting, please consult Ben Edmonson, Jacksonville Hypnotist, at 904-803-9407, and he will be glad to answer any questions you may have.



Hypnotists are getting calls from people interested in “past-lives regression”.  I have always referred these calls to someone else, because I could not assure anyone that what they are getting in trance is a real “past life”.

The unconscious mind is like a genie in a bottle.  With hypnosis we rub the bottle and out comes the genie who asks: “What is your desire? I am ready to grant you your wish.”  This is why hypnosis is so  useful.  I always ask my clients what they want to experience in respect to their problem and what they want to learn from the experience.  In trance, the mind will tend to create that experience and that learning.

The suggested experience in trance does not fall within the usual definition of “real” as it would be more appropriately called “metaphoric” or an imaginary inner drama, not an “actual occurrence” but a story that the mind tells it self about itself.  If someone asks the genie for a “past life”, the genie will do its best to create a “past life,” perhaps using bits and pieces of long forgotten novels or movies to create a believable scenario.  The same thing happens when someone asks the genie to help them remember being abducted by UFO aliens.  The mind can certainly create such an image, but that does not prove that it “really happened “.

The value of “past life” images or “UFO abduction” images lies in their metaphoric meanings which often can be successfully interpreted with an amazing appropriateness  to the individual’s present and real life.  However, hypnosis does not guarantee nor prove reincarnation nor the existence of UFO’s.

I will be happy to assist anyone who wishes to explore their inner metaphors.  However,  I do not want to predetermine the direction nor meaning of those metaphors.  Perhaps, we may more usefully create “future-life progression” scenarios.



Hypnosis for Test Anxiety

Tests, and how well we score, can be crucial determinants for our future of academic, professional, or employment advancement.

No matter how well-prepared we may be, tests are a common source of stress and, sometimes, high anxiety which can interfere with our abilities to think or answer what we already know.  Even long before the test, anxiety can interfere with learning, memory, and studying.

Why let anxiety block your future when HYPNOSIS is available to completely eliminate all distractions and allow you to focus entirely on learning, memory, studying, and test-taking?

For more information, call me @ Ben Edmonson Hypnosis–904-387-4489.  I am highly experienced and effective at helping my clients to achieve maximum success.

Quote from Milton H. Erickson on Hypnosis

Serious students of hypnosis know from experience that all hypnotic phenomena can be found in the normal behavior of everyday of everyday living.  There is no transcendence of normal abilities in hypnosis.  In all my experience I have never found any validity to the claims of paranormal powers, miraculous healing, or extrasensory perception arising out of hypnosis.  In all such cases that I have personally investigated I have found that the so-called paranormal powers and miraculous healing were simply activated states of normal psycho-physiological processes.  The so-called ESP was based on the unconscious utilization of minimal cues.  We all have more potentials than we realize.  Hypnotherapy consists of the evocation and utilization of these often hidden potentials.

 Milton H. Erickson

from – Innovative Hypnotherapy

Edited by Ernest L. Rossi

Quote of the year

“Health is a precious thing, and the only one, in truth, which deserves that we employ in its pursuit not only time, sweat, trouble, and worldly goods, but even life; inasmuch as without it life comes to be painful and oppressive to us.

“As far as I am concerned, no road that would lead us to health is either arduous or expensive.”

-Michel de Montaigne, 1580-

“Thanks for helping me buy my car”

I have specialized in Smoking Cessation for over 30 years…and one day I received a call from a former client–a military veteran–

“Remember me?” he asked.  “Well, I need your help again–I’ve gained some weight since you helped me quit smoking several years ago.  Can you help me lose the weight?”

“Of course.”

He came in.  I recognized him immediately.  He said, “First thing I want to do is thank you for helping me buy my car!”

“Oh?”  I glanced outside–a brand new Corvette!

“Yep, I added up the price I was paying for 3 packs a day for 15 years, and it was enough to buy this car!  Paying you to get me off these cigarettes was the best investment I’ve ever made, financially, not to mention saving my health!”

That’s when he suggested I charge more for my services.

Hypnosis and smoking cessation

Most of us who have quit smoking for good, may have attempted a number of times to quit before finding the method that works best to finally succeed.

Making efforts to quit is usually indicative of ultimate success.  So–if you have tried to quit without much success–continue to make the effort!

Various methods for smoking cessation include:

  1. “Cold Turkey”–just toughing it out, tolerating the anxiety until it finally subsides, but that can take days and most just do not make it more than a few hours or a couple of days, and although success is possible, it is not for everyone.
  2. Nicotine Replacement–usually nicotine patches or gum laced with nicotine to ease nicotine craving, but it is still nicotine!  After a few days of getting used to not smoking, you have to get rid of the replacement.  Some people get hooked on the gum or the patch!
  3. Pharmaceutical Drugs–usually Chantix–although frequently successful is time-consuming and can be accompanied by dangerous and frightening side-effects.  Please read the contraindications for this drug before using.
  4. Hypnosis Recordings via CD’s or DVD’s–again, some success is possible, but it is a one-size-fits-all approach that cannot respond to the individual needs of the user.
  5. Interpersonal, One-on-One Hypnosis Sessions with an experienced professional has a number of advantages over all other methods: a.)hypnosis does not involve any drugs or replacement therapies, therefore, no side-effects; b.) hypnosis addresses both issues of addiction and habituation; c.) a professional hypnotist can provide continuous feedback with the client and adjust according to the individual needs of the client.; d.) hypnosis effects are immediate and the client is done with smoking within one or two sessions.                                                                                                          Hypnosis involves the client’s own motivations, resourcefulness, and unconscious powers and fast-track learning abilities of the mind to achieve instantaneous success.


     Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a therapeutic technique distilled from a study of the most effective work of the most successful therapists of recent times.  NLP is based on what works in language, thinking, and behavior for you to achieve what you want in your life.

NEURO–By “going inside” of ourselves to become aware of “resourceful states” or prior strengths, successes, or interests, we may alter our present experience for more desirable outcomes.

LINGUISTIC–By being conscious of the way we use language and that words  have power, we may alter our expressions for more effective communications and more desirable experiences.

PROGRAMMING–By recognizing that  our life strategies or “maps of experiences” may be altered to give us improved results.  In NLP terms: “The map is not the territory.”

NLP is usually coupled with hypnosis to maximize results.


     Most weight control programs are all about dieting and exercise.  Although most of us can lose weight with these approaches , all too often, the weight comes right back at us.  There are multiple reasons for this:  boredom with the diet, inconsistency with the exercise and–most of all–inattention and slipping back into unconscious habit patterns and the distractions of stress or insomnia.  Early learning behaviors and limiting beliefs are usually responsible for keeping us stuck with unwanted weight.

Counting calories cannot compete with deeply ingrained habit patterns such as, unconsciously eating too fast, cleaning your plate, eating too much to the point of being uncomfortably stuffed, “getting your money’s worth” when eating out,  inattentive eating in front of the tv or computer, eating while driving,  eating addictions and food obsessions.

HYPNOSIS is the proven way to reach and alter these ancient habits and limiting beliefs to more effective, rewarding, and interesting behaviors, than dry, monotonous dieting.  All weight is a secondary consequence of daily behavior.  Being mindful of today’s behavior and controlling the moment beats watching your weight.  Take weight off the table. Today’s behavior is all that counts.  Slow down, pay attention, enjoy your food.  HYPNOSIS can alter one’s attention to behavioral changes in just a few sessions.  Be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you can learn more enjoyable, effective, rewarding behaviors.

Today is the arena of action.  Mindfulness happens today.  Behavior is always today.  Weight loss occurs in the future as a consequence of today’s actions.

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The New Year is Now


A local watering hole I attend has a sign which says:”Free beer tomorrow”.

The gym I go to has a sign which says: “Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday.”

A recent client told me a story of two frogs sitting on a lily pad in a pond.  One frog says to the other: “I’ve been thinking about jumping.”

I’ve been considering my New Year’s Resolutions which I intend to accomplish sometimes in the coming year–perhaps even next Monday.

I’ve even thought about ending my procrastination by this time next week.

I think it was Albert Camus who said: “Not to decide is to decide>”

What does the New Year hold for us?  Deciding takes less than 2 seconds.  Now is the arena of action.  Taking the first step is magical.

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