Hypnosis and smoking cessation

by benedmonsonhypnosis

Most of us who have quit smoking for good, may have attempted a number of times to quit before finding the method that works best to finally succeed.

Making efforts to quit is usually indicative of ultimate success.  So–if you have tried to quit without much success–continue to make the effort!

Various methods for smoking cessation include:

  1. “Cold Turkey”–just toughing it out, tolerating the anxiety until it finally subsides, but that can take days and most just do not make it more than a few hours or a couple of days, and although success is possible, it is not for everyone.
  2. Nicotine Replacement–usually nicotine patches or gum laced with nicotine to ease nicotine craving, but it is still nicotine!  After a few days of getting used to not smoking, you have to get rid of the replacement.  Some people get hooked on the gum or the patch!
  3. Pharmaceutical Drugs–usually Chantix–although frequently successful is time-consuming and can be accompanied by dangerous and frightening side-effects.  Please read the contraindications for this drug before using.
  4. Hypnosis Recordings via CD’s or DVD’s–again, some success is possible, but it is a one-size-fits-all approach that cannot respond to the individual needs of the user.
  5. Interpersonal, One-on-One Hypnosis Sessions with an experienced professional has a number of advantages over all other methods: a.)hypnosis does not involve any drugs or replacement therapies, therefore, no side-effects; b.) hypnosis addresses both issues of addiction and habituation; c.) a professional hypnotist can provide continuous feedback with the client and adjust according to the individual needs of the client.; d.) hypnosis effects are immediate and the client is done with smoking within one or two sessions.                                                                                                          Hypnosis involves the client’s own motivations, resourcefulness, and unconscious powers and fast-track learning abilities of the mind to achieve instantaneous success.