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Month: June, 2014

Message to smokers

If you are a smoker making efforts to quit–trying and “failing”–be reassured that no effort is a waste of your time or money.  Smoking is a waste of your time and money.  Most former smokers who succeeded  at quitting made a number of efforts!  Every dollar you spend on quitting comes back to you as soon as you succeed–and you will succeed if you persist!  Then, all the money you have been spending on your habit you can save–not to mention saving your health.  How much is your health worth?  As a smoker, you may know a number of others who have quit smoking for good.  Have you ever heard anyone say: “I’m sorry I quit smoking?”  Do they seem okay to you?  Forty-three million people have quit smoking; it must be do-able even for you!  If you have been smoking for 20 years or more–is that enough?


“I don’t believe in hypnosis.”

“Hypnosis” is just a word.  No two definitions of this word are quite the same.  What do you call those times when you are staring absent-minded into space without being aware of it? Someone speaks to you–you say “Oh–where was I?”  Indeed, where?  Have you ever been so absorbed in something that you lost track of time?  Have you ever driven to your destination a wondered–“How did I get here so fast?”  Some would say you’ve been “entranced”.  Most people experience hypnosis several times a day.  Yet, they may even say, “I don’t believe in hypnosis”.

Bite into a juicy sour lemon

Have you ever taken the wedge of juicy lemon from the glass of water or tea you were served and bit into it to cleanse your palate with that tart, sour juice?  Does just thinking of it cause you to salivate or pucker your mouth? Even though there is no real lemon, your body responds to an imaginary lemon as if it were real.  A material, chemical response to an imaginary lemon!

If your body can respond to imaginary events as  if they were real and happening now, then can your imagination be directed to have amazing, beneficial experiences?  In the same way, worrying about some imaginary disaster can produce the same body chemistry as the real thing.  Have you ever worried about something that never happens?  Your body does not  know it didn’t happen.  Likewise, can your imagination enhance your ability to learn something or make a positive change?  Can your imagination help you quit smoking?  Hypnosis is highly focused, enhanced imagination that produces real learning and real change.

The theater of the mind

Hypnosis is the theater of the mind where you are the star of your own show, where you can change the circumstances of your “real life” outside the theater.  Hypnosis provides the direct experience of feeling better and being better.  Hypnosis provides the rehearsal for the learning of being a non-smoker; being a person with better health habits; being a person who handles life’s stresses with better balance.