“Thanks for helping me buy my car”

by benedmonsonhypnosis

I have specialized in Smoking Cessation for over 30 years…and one day I received a call from a former client–a military veteran–

“Remember me?” he asked.  “Well, I need your help again–I’ve gained some weight since you helped me quit smoking several years ago.  Can you help me lose the weight?”

“Of course.”

He came in.  I recognized him immediately.  He said, “First thing I want to do is thank you for helping me buy my car!”

“Oh?”  I glanced outside–a brand new Corvette!

“Yep, I added up the price I was paying for 3 packs a day for 15 years, and it was enough to buy this car!  Paying you to get me off these cigarettes was the best investment I’ve ever made, financially, not to mention saving my health!”

That’s when he suggested I charge more for my services.