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     Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a therapeutic technique distilled from a study of the most effective work of the most successful therapists of recent times.  NLP is based on what works in language, thinking, and behavior for you to achieve what you want in your life.

NEURO–By “going inside” of ourselves to become aware of “resourceful states” or prior strengths, successes, or interests, we may alter our present experience for more desirable outcomes.

LINGUISTIC–By being conscious of the way we use language and that words  have power, we may alter our expressions for more effective communications and more desirable experiences.

PROGRAMMING–By recognizing that  our life strategies or “maps of experiences” may be altered to give us improved results.  In NLP terms: “The map is not the territory.”

NLP is usually coupled with hypnosis to maximize results.


     Most weight control programs are all about dieting and exercise.  Although most of us can lose weight with these approaches , all too often, the weight comes right back at us.  There are multiple reasons for this:  boredom with the diet, inconsistency with the exercise and–most of all–inattention and slipping back into unconscious habit patterns and the distractions of stress or insomnia.  Early learning behaviors and limiting beliefs are usually responsible for keeping us stuck with unwanted weight.

Counting calories cannot compete with deeply ingrained habit patterns such as, unconsciously eating too fast, cleaning your plate, eating too much to the point of being uncomfortably stuffed, “getting your money’s worth” when eating out,  inattentive eating in front of the tv or computer, eating while driving,  eating addictions and food obsessions.

HYPNOSIS is the proven way to reach and alter these ancient habits and limiting beliefs to more effective, rewarding, and interesting behaviors, than dry, monotonous dieting.  All weight is a secondary consequence of daily behavior.  Being mindful of today’s behavior and controlling the moment beats watching your weight.  Take weight off the table. Today’s behavior is all that counts.  Slow down, pay attention, enjoy your food.  HYPNOSIS can alter one’s attention to behavioral changes in just a few sessions.  Be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you can learn more enjoyable, effective, rewarding behaviors.

Today is the arena of action.  Mindfulness happens today.  Behavior is always today.  Weight loss occurs in the future as a consequence of today’s actions.

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The New Year is Now


A local watering hole I attend has a sign which says:”Free beer tomorrow”.

The gym I go to has a sign which says: “Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday.”

A recent client told me a story of two frogs sitting on a lily pad in a pond.  One frog says to the other: “I’ve been thinking about jumping.”

I’ve been considering my New Year’s Resolutions which I intend to accomplish sometimes in the coming year–perhaps even next Monday.

I’ve even thought about ending my procrastination by this time next week.

I think it was Albert Camus who said: “Not to decide is to decide>”

What does the New Year hold for us?  Deciding takes less than 2 seconds.  Now is the arena of action.  Taking the first step is magical.

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Thanks to all of you!

open_mindBen Edmonson Hypnosis gets most of its clients by referral from former clients—and, thank you all—for your continued confidence.

The main objective of Ben Edmonson Hypnosis has been the same for many years—to be a source for addressing the lifestyle-induced illnesses—smoking, weight, and stress—that have become the main preoccupations of the medical system.

Hypnosis is a proven method of release from dangerous, unhealthy habit patterns, allowing the body to heal itself without the expensive interventions of the medical and pharmaceutical systems.

Even the best medical care can do little if one keeps returning to the same old habits that put us there in the first place.  Become a participant in your own healing!  At least, get your habits out of the way and your body knows how to heal itself!  Hypnosis can help you break with your past and engage  your healthy future.

Back to School Offer – September Only – 50% Discount!


If you think you can–YOU CAN!

  • For the entire month of September: If you are a college student who is wondering how hypnosis can assist you…..
  • to enhance your study habits….
  • to eliminate “test-anxiety” so you can remember what you know on the test….
  • to update procrastination–NOW!….
  • to make performance anxiety work FOR you….
  • and other student related issues….to eliminate the barriers to your academic  success.

Ben Edmonson Hypnosis is here to offer you a 50% discount for COLLEGE STUDENTS ONLY and ONLY the  THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER.

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Book Review – Biology of Belief

biology_of_belief_coverNeuroscience, especially the concept of neuroplasticy is validating the practice of hypnosis and explaining the seemingly miraculous results often obtainable through hypnotic trance and suggestions.

The new science of epigenetics is also lending confirmation to the effect of suggestion on the expression of genetic inheritance. Read The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton.

Enjoy Public-speaking For Real!


How long have you been allowing stage fright get in the way of your career?  You can get over it in one session.  Enjoy becoming a confident, engaging, dynamic speaker!  Here is Karl W.’s response after only one session:

I want to thank you for your help with my public speaking phobia. 
It worked! When I felt those old feelings creeping in, 
I repeated to myself the things we discussed in our session, 
and it really helped. I spoke clearly with confidence. 
I look forward to future sessions if I may need them, 
and will recommend your services to anyone I meet that has anxiety 
issues of any kind. Again, Thank You. Karl W.  

Join hundreds of others who have discovered the liberating effects of hypnosis 
from performance anxieties.  Ben Edmonson Hypnosis is ready to assist you 

Managing Menopause


If you are seeking a non-pharmaceutical solution to menopause symptoms, hypnosis is a proven method of diminishing or completely eliminating the symptoms of menopause by using the highly responsive powers of your own inner intelligence.

  • Hypnosis is safe with no side-effects.
  • Hypnosis can be as effective as or more effective than medication.

To end the discomforts of hot flashes and night sweats, call to schedule a consultation to see if hypnosis is right for you.



You can do it!

I was gratified to receive the following testimonial from attorney Jackie Green:

“I have been a patient of Ben’s for years. I first heard about him years ago and thought it was a hokey idea, but I was desperate to quit smoking.  I went and was amazed at how non-hokey it was!  I quit smoking.  Then I went back a couple of years later when I developed a fear of flying.  Guess what, no more fear of flying!

A few more years passed and I went back last year when I was expecting my daughter.  I had done a class called ‘Hypno-birthing’ which was not put on by Ben.  I thought it sounded kind of ‘granola’ for my tastes too, but I felt that if I was going to try to get through natural labor, I might want to go see him again.  I did and a couple of days later, I made it through 26 hours with NO epidural.  He is amazing!  I just went in again for another issue and we will see how that went, but based on my experience to date,I bet it will all be taken care of!  Great work, Ben!  Thank you!”

Are New Year’s Resolutions still knocking?

Are New Year’s resolutions still knocking at your door and you haven’t opened yet?  Hypnosis has proven to be an excellent way to open your heart to your conscious intentions.  It is not too late to start the new year with those amazing changes that you know will make you healthier and happier.

A phone call is free and I will be glad to discuss any issue or answer any question you may have about hypnosis.  Call 904-387-4489 and let’s get started!