Ahoy Ben,

Just a note to thank you again for helping me quit smoking last April. Seven months now! I’m once again surrounded by smokers in this boatyard in which I’m staying, and I’m doing fine. 🙂

Strangely, on the rare occasions that I think of having “just one cigarette,” I instantly recall a phrase you used, and I easily slip past the momentary temptation. It wasn’t part of the hypnosis sessions, just something you said in conversation. I had mentioned that “Oh, I don’t smoke anymore. I can have just one now,” kind of moment, and you replied, “Ah, yes, the ‘little permission.'” That’s the phrase, the magic mantra that pops into my head when I have one of those “Oh, it’s OK just this once” moments; “the little permission.” It has saved me half a dozen times. Just thought I’d share that with you.

You’re living a valuable life, Ben, helping so many people as you do; an enviable calling. You certainly added years to my life.

Hope this finds you well.