Hypnotists are getting calls from people interested in “past-lives regression”.  I have always referred these calls to someone else, because I could not assure anyone that what they are getting in trance is a real “past life”.

The unconscious mind is like a genie in a bottle.  With hypnosis we rub the bottle and out comes the genie who asks: “What is your desire? I am ready to grant you your wish.”  This is why hypnosis is so  useful.  I always ask my clients what they want to experience in respect to their problem and what they want to learn from the experience.  In trance, the mind will tend to create that experience and that learning.

The suggested experience in trance does not fall within the usual definition of “real” as it would be more appropriately called “metaphoric” or an imaginary inner drama, not an “actual occurrence” but a story that the mind tells it self about itself.  If someone asks the genie for a “past life”, the genie will do its best to create a “past life,” perhaps using bits and pieces of long forgotten novels or movies to create a believable scenario.  The same thing happens when someone asks the genie to help them remember being abducted by UFO aliens.  The mind can certainly create such an image, but that does not prove that it “really happened “.

The value of “past life” images or “UFO abduction” images lies in their metaphoric meanings which often can be successfully interpreted with an amazing appropriateness  to the individual’s present and real life.  However, hypnosis does not guarantee nor prove reincarnation nor the existence of UFO’s.

I will be happy to assist anyone who wishes to explore their inner metaphors.  However,  I do not want to predetermine the direction nor meaning of those metaphors.  Perhaps, we may more usefully create “future-life progression” scenarios.