by benedmonsonhypnosis

     Most weight control programs are all about dieting and exercise.  Although most of us can lose weight with these approaches , all too often, the weight comes right back at us.  There are multiple reasons for this:  boredom with the diet, inconsistency with the exercise and–most of all–inattention and slipping back into unconscious habit patterns and the distractions of stress or insomnia.  Early learning behaviors and limiting beliefs are usually responsible for keeping us stuck with unwanted weight.

Counting calories cannot compete with deeply ingrained habit patterns such as, unconsciously eating too fast, cleaning your plate, eating too much to the point of being uncomfortably stuffed, “getting your money’s worth” when eating out,  inattentive eating in front of the tv or computer, eating while driving,  eating addictions and food obsessions.

HYPNOSIS is the proven way to reach and alter these ancient habits and limiting beliefs to more effective, rewarding, and interesting behaviors, than dry, monotonous dieting.  All weight is a secondary consequence of daily behavior.  Being mindful of today’s behavior and controlling the moment beats watching your weight.  Take weight off the table. Today’s behavior is all that counts.  Slow down, pay attention, enjoy your food.  HYPNOSIS can alter one’s attention to behavioral changes in just a few sessions.  Be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you can learn more enjoyable, effective, rewarding behaviors.

Today is the arena of action.  Mindfulness happens today.  Behavior is always today.  Weight loss occurs in the future as a consequence of today’s actions.

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