by benedmonsonhypnosis


You can do it!

I was gratified to receive the following testimonial from attorney Jackie Green:

“I have been a patient of Ben’s for years. I first heard about him years ago and thought it was a hokey idea, but I was desperate to quit smoking.  I went and was amazed at how non-hokey it was!  I quit smoking.  Then I went back a couple of years later when I developed a fear of flying.  Guess what, no more fear of flying!

A few more years passed and I went back last year when I was expecting my daughter.  I had done a class called ‘Hypno-birthing’ which was not put on by Ben.  I thought it sounded kind of ‘granola’ for my tastes too, but I felt that if I was going to try to get through natural labor, I might want to go see him again.  I did and a couple of days later, I made it through 26 hours with NO epidural.  He is amazing!  I just went in again for another issue and we will see how that went, but based on my experience to date,I bet it will all be taken care of!  Great work, Ben!  Thank you!”