by benedmonsonhypnosis

Hi!  And welcome to the Ben Edmonson Hypnosis Blog.

I am Ben Edmonson,CHT (Certified Hypnotist), professional hypnotist for more than 20 years, with a wealth of stories, insights, and questions which this work has brought me. I am writing this blog to share some of these experiences with anyone who is interested.


Hypnosis is like a movie

When you watch a movie, you consciously know that it is not “real”.  You may be in your own living room or in a theater with lots of other people and that what you are seeing takes place on a “screen”.  Yet, the movie draws you in and you can laugh,cry, feel love, fear, excitement, anger, disgust, sadness, or happiness.  You can also experience these emotions through music,art, drama, or fiction.

Can these emotions impact your life?  Can these emotions impact your health and your well-being?  Common sense says–yes, of course, we all know this.  Do we not go to a movie to be “moved”?